How to hire trustworthy security guards

How to hire trustworthy security guards.

You may feel that just because somebody is a security guard, it means that they are professional and dependable. For the majority of guards this is true, but there are some that give the industry a bad name. You need to hire trustworthy security guards who will do the job honestly and professionally.

Here’s how.

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Cheating investigation FAQ

Cheating investigation questions and answers.

Suspecting that your wife, husband or partner is cheating on you is a heart wrenching time. If you’re considering hiring a private investigator, this quick guide will help answers some of your questions.

Are there any signs that my spouse might be cheating?

There are many different signs that could point towards infidelity. Common signs we see include a husband or wife looking after their appearance more, being protective with their phone, starting arguments or being extra nice, or working longer hours. Of course, these behaviours are not proof, but they can be warning signs.

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Eldery are vulnerable to home improvement scams

The elderly are vulnerable to home improvement scams.

One of the most common scams used on elderly residents is that of home improvements. Scam artists see older individuals as an easy target for home improvement scams, and they often use a combination of high pressure and sneaky sales tactics to win residents over. Common promises include tree lopping, gutter cleaning and driveway repairs – with the claim that if the repairs aren’t carried out, the resident’s home could be at risk.

Although a driveway, roof, or gutters may be in need of improvements the con artist is only there to earn cash, not to offer a valuable service. If you want to avoid home improvement scams consider the following three tips to recognize these schemes and avoid them.

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A Nigerian prince wants to give you money? It’s a scam

Avoid getting scammed by a Nigerian or 419 scam.

Do you have an email address? If so, then you have likely heard of the Nigerian prince scam circulating throughout the internet. Clever con artists use cookies and other tracking methods to gain access to your email and send you fraudulent claims requesting money. If you don’t want to be scammed, learn how the scam works and how a private eye can help you avoid getting involved with such a scam.

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