What do private eyes really investigate – and how?

What do privat eyes really investigate?

Despite popular beliefs, private investigators do much more than sit outside homes and businesses collecting information. Like other industries, private investigation can take many forms, ranging from missing persons investigations to insurance fraud cases. The fact is that private investigators cover a wife variety of cases depending upon their specialty.

For example, there are intellectual property private investigators who primarily focus on making sure that patents aren’t being violated and that copyrights aren’t infringed upon by competing companies. This is a highly used service in the technology industry as new startups emerge.

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Private investigators aren’t really like Sherlock Holmes

Private eyes aren't really lke Sherlock Holmes.

Every aspect of the private investigator industry has been exploited by the media. From Sherlock Holmes to Monk, private eyes have taken on an entirely new persona. What is portrayed in books and in film rarely reflects the real experiences private investigators have on a daily basis. In reality, the history and the very nature of private investigation is far different from what the average person imagines.

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Understanding how affairs can start

Understanding how affairs can start.

One of the most common reasons people contact Melbourne Investigations is suspecting their husband or wife is having an affair. Sadly, some people cheat in their relationships. When a cheating partner does get caught, they always try to justify their actions, and tell their partner that it was because something was lacking in their relationship.

Once an affair has occurred, it can be very hard to mend the relationship. It’s better to prevent cheating in the first place.

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What we love about being private investigators

What do we love about being private eyes in Melbourne?

People who watch TV, go to the movies or read thrillers already have an assumption of what a private investigator does. You know that we solve infidelity cases, missing persons, and help businesses solve cases of fraud or theft. But what do we love about being private investigators in Melbourne?

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